Did You Hear That?

Did You Hear That? Lyrics Meanings
by Sailid


Did You Hear That? Lyrics

'M feeling undefeated
But I gave me every reason
I moved pass these niggas simply because I don't need em

But my loyalty straight
No need for dead weight
And grown men that can't make they own way
You rap about money and don't have your own place
Or you rap about money and don't keep no food up on your plate

Some people here for a season
I'm trying to get it they trying to get even
I'm the one that's leaving
Don't be defensive I'm upping my defense

Speaking in codes
So others won't know
Before you wrestle with the flow you probably should know the ropes
Talking tough until your girl leave know you trying to cope
You didn't learn from the first chick bro

I'll die for my respect
If your actions display dis in front of that
Then at any distance I'm at your neck

You say a lot on tracks but not to my face
That's not real but you can't relate
And if you can't tell I'm unimpressed by the way

That's how the story goes
As marry go round for me and my bros
You all talk Ion't talk unless doing shows
Making arrangements another coming I'm about to close
I make a killing my next payment should come with a rose

What you been doing I suppose
Chilling out with all the bros
Sitting round talking about how that weak shit you did deserves a toast
I'm done with all those

You nights talk too much
You tell niggas bout your next move
And wonder why they do the same shit as you
And act like you don't have a clue

You niggas know this ain't show and tell
But I guess for you for me it's more show and prove
And that's the reason why you always loose

This isn't an outtro
Just an ending to and awesome entrance
I'm often relentless
To rappers who's styles been rented

Offing niggas like taking ER from offering
While offering nothing else than a hole where you can fit your coffin in

Flow sicker then what I just took from offering
Like sensor lights
I treat rappers like they not there when I go off on them
The same reason I don't respond or talk to them

And Album of the year can't be decided til I drop
I'm as wicked coming up and dividing my own team

You hypocritical
Non political
Social media officials
Watch us ball til we fall
Like the ref blow me like your whistle

Trash talking only get what it gets
Choked out and tossed away with the rest of that bullshit
This what you get when you speak proper and claim you could spit
Til you meet a nigga with a despicable lisp

Don't duck me daffy or play me goffy I take your lady
And Pluto her figaro like plow you would think I'm driving miss daisy

And if we all considered rats you a Minnie Mouse
So after I fuck you up like Mickey I'm kick that ass out the clubhouse

I'm nice with my songs just make sure you remember my name
Cause I been thinking out of the box before you knew Tony James
You in it for the fame
I'm in it for hall of fame
I'm balling and I take your same
I'm balling like I'm Norte Dame
So what

That's the reason you don't go bar the bar with like you niggas don't drink
Cause if you did
It only shows that you don't niggas

This is amazing

(It doesn't like you no matter what you think
You matter because of what you are but even then you can't be)

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Did You Hear That? Meanings

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