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February 3, 2017

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Verse 1
There's no one here for miles
It's just me and the burning sun
It's just me, myself, and my gun
Remembering the times
Oh, grapes of my vines
But with family I
I don't have the time
Time to be questioning why
It's cool
Verse 2
A mother needs a son so she needs therapy
We don't need to talk, I just need you here
But if you go away, please don't disappear
The heat is making light of a happy end
Verse 3
I really hope there's rainfall
My hands together, looking at the stars
I really hope there's angels
Because the world is turning, turning way too fast
She says she can't turn tables
Well I say, "You don't know how well you are
Or just how strong you are
You don't know how strong you are"
Verse 4
A pillow on your face soaking up those tears
Who's anyone to say you should have no fears
A mouth full of smoke really made things clear (yeah)
You've been with me since the cradle
You've been with me, you're my angel
Please don't you disappear
Verse 5
It's just me and the burning sun
It's just me, myself, and my gun

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