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Dreams Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
i spend my days dreamin, i spend my nights plottin, i won't be forgotten, the bad boy's gone rotten
Verse 2
about to spoil, even though i stay loyal, i been so damn broke i smoke weed from tin foil
Verse 3
can't afford a pipe, now you tell me what it's like, that's why i walk around at night strapped out of sight
Verse 4
ready to pounce, let the ball bounce ????? it's my fuckin life and you can say what you want to say
they ask me why i bust raps, its either that or i jack and you can trust that
Verse 5
you'd rather see me in the studio, than me at your house and see your jewelry go
Verse 6
?? make the beat tight we used to be broke but now we toke on the peace pipe
Verse 7
seldom seen, its still about the green but its time to turn my dream into the real thing
Verse 8
you make our dreams come true (we do what?)
you make our dreams come true (that's right)
you make our dreams come true (we do what?)
you make our dreams come true (let me tell you a little story)
Verse 9
seldom seen, awakens from a dream in indonesia, next to a queen-some bathin' adalesia
Verse 10
a nice sight pleaser, and for a g she'll strip tease ya, she'll make you stop and take a breather
Verse 11
but not me, 'cause i'm a king plus a g, mr. seen writes supreme so i get it all for free
Verse 12
plus, benefits smoke benedict ???? i send my troops for him, but now they want me
Verse 13
'cause my real man stands by my right hand
and i sleep with a strap on my night stand
Verse 14
its just my mic stand, me, plus a few troops behind me, cowards really want me you know where to find me
Verse 15
'cause i'm right here, fuckin' lyrical nightmere that won't stop, 'cause my dreams are all i've got
Verse 16
when bad turns worse, and good turns bad, sometimes dreams are the only thing you have
Verse 17
Verse 18
(can you believe this benedict, tryin' to take what I earn? everything what i work for? it ain't goona happen, you know where i'm at?)
Verse 19
i'm in the back of my limou, 2,000 lack, and i'm strapped, word is, benedict's back
Verse 20
with hot rounds, plus some troops that he's got now, he asked for a meeting but i'm not down
Verse 21
fuck a meeting, its war, tell one of us expires, a fortune's hard to make, you won't take my empire
Verse 22
believe that, i want to see where you bleed at, on the attack 'cause i know where you sleep at
Verse 23
gun's drawn, havin' dreams of his own
asleep in his bed and he seems to be alone
Verse 24
just as i cock the trigger back, smack, i feel
a burnin' pain in the small of my back
Verse 25
a shot to my shoulder, another to my waist
i turn to see my queen with a smile on her face
Verse 26
strap at hand, i don't understand, how could you
decieve me for another man?
Verse 27
i wake up to darkness, my one room apartment
no lights, just candle wax burnt to the carpet
Verse 28
it was just a dream, right? oh, what a sight
there lies my queen, asleep in the night
Verse 29
(baby what's wrong? its okay, you're goona get us out of here, you make all my dreams come true)
Verse 30

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