Suicide Note
Suicide Note

Suicide Note Lyrics Meanings
by Semaj Sinclair

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Suicide Note Lyrics

I love what I do
This music shit has saved my life time after time
And what's crazy is like it's literally like the most therapeutic thing I have, you know
I deal with a lot of fucking emotions and
And just extisencial bullshit, you know and
And I really feel like I can't get past a lot of things until I figure out a way to write about them, so
I know a lot of people go through shit like me and
I, I, I just want them to know you're not alone
If you took time to listen to my stories throughout this album
Thank you
I love you

The way the ways these women dip
They don't even say a word
I can't get no hug, no kiss
I be out here acting tough like I could never love a bitch
But deep down I know that's cap, I got cuts all on my wrist
I wonder if she'd love me more if I was hella rich
Or just try to be my misses just to take half of my shit
It really hurt me when you ditched me for that other nigga dick
In my comments talking bout yo ex and how y'all used to live

We was friends back in day and ya last boyfriend, he knew that
You still ain't delete his text, it was wrong but I look through that
And how y'all used to talk bout me, made me wish that I ain't do that
You said i was bum, my song was dumb, and that I'm too trash

Was looking through yo shit again
Saw niggas talking greasy
And when I got mad, you told me to take it easy
The way you play it cool, it made me feel like you don't need me
Like when you tell me you don't need me
I be mad about these dudes that you don't cut off and ignore
You turn it back on me and tell me I'm just insecure
Fuck it, maybe I am, but I'm someone you should adore
Or do you just not respect me cause most shit I can't afford

I cant even tell my niggas cause I know that I ain't ugly
And I know that they be seeing all these bitches tryna fuck me
And I just tell em "no", I got someone at home, I'm lucky
I hope that she my own, and I'm praying that she love me
She don't say it when she mad so I wrote it where I be cutting
This a suicidal note, and I know they think I'm bluffing
When I see my blood dripping on the floor I feel nothing nigga (absolutely fucking nothing)

I got way too many days when I don't even feel alive (like today)
But they don't wanna hear it
I got shit that cut so deep that I just keep that shit inside (I can't say it)
I don't even put it in the lyrics
When I'm sad, I just put a smile on my face (cheese)
Cause my depression is something that they can't take
But I'm feeling really overwhelmed today
So imma cut myself and hope my problems fade away (I know it's not the answer)

This a suicidal note (And I should cope better)
I'm just really tryna cope (But it's)
This a suicidal note (I don't really know how to)
I just need some ways to cope (how to)

You know for other people it may be
But i know that it's not easy for everybody cause I know that that shit not easy for me
And I know that it
It might be hard to look and see why Why something may be like
Why someone may so be so down out bad, like
Oh they look like they got it all
Blah, blah, blah
Like you know
Niggas be like "oh you got this, you got that bruh"
Blah blah, like
Nah bro, it's really not about that, like

Writer(s): Semaj Sinclair
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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