Statertot Groove cover
Statertot Groove cover

Statertot Groove Lyrics Meanings
by Shake the 5 Dusts

Statertot Groove Lyrics

Pay me and I won't jail you
Folks, extortion ails you
Yet your perception fails you
You expect beliefs to entail truth
You've already failed you
By letting unworthy tell you
Grab tight belief is truth

Don't like being called a statertot? Don't advocate government
Don't like being called a parrot?; Don't repeat things that you can't readily explain

Do dope fuck hope's
Livin' a lie, pivotal try
A negative freeroll, no upside
Better off understanding what is
Thunk, you're born
Never be sure
Certain only change is
A sapien's statement
Needs takin'
With a grain of salt
Lest ye thought
Be riddled with fault
Damned to be part of a partisan thought
Get got by what you thought was and was not

What can't be bought is an aura
Meta-Dora the Explorer
Only what's swiped is yourself
Cause you gave it to an other
If you don't plot every step of a thought
Expect to be Shanghai'd, twat

I'd say you deserve it
But I've gotta endure it
Your unquestioned bullshit
Because your group is certain
Certainly a pain
Less than a stain
Shame not a fuck in the group uses their brain

Too busy with the daily babble
Opinions herded like cattle
Headspace need get rattled
Faulty thought need get tattled
Delusion need be shattered
Acknowledge elusion
Of reason
Of not facin'
Any demon you been seein', Heathen
It is what it is
Despite what you wish
Can't reject imminence
Sound like a god damn little kid with this shit
Fuck off, gobble knowledge

Don't be a knownothin' dipshit
Pushing shit they haven't figured
And by the way, don't have a figure

Trappin' yourself from the start
Confining thought; Why? Just because
Because your god of thought thought it was hot
Sadly enough, you aren't your god

Live as one, replace the lot
You've got more room for heart
Reason, peace, and thought
Wars wouldn't be fought
Prosperity is more than stocks, you fucks

Public amnesia
Left foreign policy to be ruined
Could it have been public schoolin'?
In hindsight it's stupid

We had everything to lose
Now we're indoctrinated and stewed into the Statertot Groove

Writer(s): Shake the 5 Dusts
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Statertot Groove Meanings

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