Gilligan's Island

Gilligan's Island Lyrics Meanings
by Shoji0


Gilligan's Island Lyrics

Yeah, you know who you are

Oh you think you're the man, yeah you think you the man
Take a step back boy I'm your biggest fan yeah
I too like bossing people around
Got my head up in the clouds, ain't no way I'm coming down

You make these young pledges run around all day
Got them doing side quests like they playing Runescape
Yeah they do it all, all for
But man take off that mask it's really fucking lame

Hypermasculinity is your middle name
Fuck outta here with that deep voice, you don't intimidate
Setting rules, kicking out dudes, you playing this like a game
But you're the least fun boss battle, what a shame

My hardworking brothers, they doing all the work
While your ass is getting off to their tears, ya big jerk
You feel the need to have people under you
I mean there's not a woman there, right? Ooh!

You've got a God complex my friend
Just cause you're the big man, stop tryna pretend that
You've been molded into all these great layers
But really man, you're just a wannabe player

High and mighty when you walk into the room
Man you know I ain't afraid of no... that's true
You wanna see us fail, wannabe alpha male, but then
Oh how sad must you be, your ego frail!

Voting people off like you on an island, call me Gilligan
I'll be on call in case I hear that you bitchin' again
Your name's ironic man you'll never win again now
I'mma go flex, now somebody else, finish him

Writer(s): Marc Shoji
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Gilligan's Island Meanings

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