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Tryna Lyrics Meanings
by SHRUBRAVO*, DJ Slim Jim, Bobby Rack$

Tryna Lyrics

Says she's tryna get to know me, but I just wanna hit it
Tryna be my one and only, but I'm just gonna quit it
Says she wants to meet my parents, but I'm just tryna pay the rent
I don't mean no disrespect
Man, 25 years really came and went
Says she wants to watch the Office, but I don't wanna watch it
Says she's graduating college, told me what she studies, but I forgot
Says she wants to meet my mama, and mama wants to meet her
Better break out them margaritas, while I'm sittin' on the corner drinking lagunitas

Margaritas, break out them margarita-ya-ya-yas
Break out them margaritas

Tryna find the one, have a little fun
Maybe when we're done ain't left stunned
Nice while it lasted
Now we just shunned, feeling like scum
Hungry for some love, Well fuck it!
Time to get blasted
And forget this girl, Im'a hit the dance floor
Watch my body twirl, go dumb like my name was Earl
Get loose, let my limbs unfurl
Oh shit! Spilled juice on this girl named Pearl
"Damn, I'm sorry, can I get you a drink?"
She said "A coke and bacardi boy, what did you think?
You're kinda cute, but you know that your dance moves stink..."
And I look into her eyes, feel my little heart sink
Tryna get her number, chop her down like lumber
She a stunner, blinded by her beauty, make me Stevie Wonder
If she feel me or not, Shea says always shoot your shot
I don't know, just some food for thought...

Said she wanna go and sip so we party and get lit
Then we fuck around and dip
12 'o clock and I take her on a trip
Ooh she nasty use her tongue like kiss
I like to talk cause I know it makes her tick
We roll some dope, Instagram, no pic
Man we smoking on some strong shit with the kik
Now she thinking that she's slick
Margarita in me lose track when I'm with her
Really can't stand her cause she follow me like Twitter
Cold hearted, warm tipper, Henny sipper
Cut ties off with her cause it's almost winter

Shorty wanna lock it down long-term
Says she's looking for that ultra lux thick-perm
Says she's looking for a Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie situation
Babies from a dozen nations
I ain't tryna hear that!
The only thing I'm thinkin' bout is disapperain'
I didn't think she'd fall in love with a scumbag
Rockin' with a shoeshine straight from a porno mag
I've got a sex drive like a minivan
A smooth interior, great floor-plan
We can take a road trip up to Calabasas
Hang out on the beach and check out all them pretty girlie's asses
We even got retractable seats!
Makes it easy when I'm mackin' on your feet, I'm a freak
I like getting kinky in the kitchen sink
Next to all the dirty dishes from the takeout last week YA!
Tried to order gyros but said "Gyras"
That's enough to get you uninvited
White girls, brown girls, all the same
It don't matter to the hands of a Pinkberry man
Tried to order gyros but said "Gyras"
That's enough to get you uninvited
White girls, brown girls, all the same
It don't matter to the hands of a Pinkberry mayyyyynnnneee!

Writer(s): SHRUBRAVO*
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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