Mr. 8 cover
Mr. 8 cover

Mr. 8 Lyrics Meanings
by Sinister DB


Mr. 8 Lyrics

I got so much on my plate EAT
Broke boy get up out my face EAT
I put them hrs in today EAT
Must be my born day I got cake EAT
I never sit on Saturday EAT
It's all work for me no play EAT

Imma imma eat the beef
Higher than wiz khalif
Seeing devils when I sleep
Always keep my word like receipts
Ion really trust many ppl
Give me love backwards that's evil
And I gave love and I showed love
And u still turned out to be a weasel
I told myself I am the way-ave
Damn I just got paid
Damn I just got laid
Now she feeding me grapes

I told them niggaz come see me
If you got something to say
I know them niggaz wanna B me all the way to Z but don't forget the A

Come thru your block where you stay just so we can chop it up face it to face if that's too personal bruh pick a place
But we can't settle it no other way
I got principles
That's yo bitch
No that's my bitch
Bruh That's reality
Who is bad as me
Who want it bad as me?
Fuck you if you ever doubted
Cause you must be sleep
If you ask me what I'm doing all I do is EAT
I EAT grits
I EAT bacon
That your bitch made me
And she ain't get the D
I Made yo girl leave
I Told her tell that nigga pick me up some chicken wings
I mind my business key
Went to the dentist key
Cause I been eatin so damn much
That I got cavities These pussy niggaz saddening
And that's a travesty
I'm the breadwinner
Y'all beginners
Roll around in wynter
That's my sprinter
My bae on a plate
Eat my bae for dinner
Eat the beat like j. Cole
Know that I was born a sinner
I got EAT all on my mind that's a critical agenda
I know they don't understand me
I'm not thinkin about that
Or what he or she said
Or if the claim made was a fact
Had to look out for myself
Both of my eyes were unattached
Try me and you will get smacked
My girl taste like Apple Jacks
Shawty runnin thru my mind
Made my brain try out for track
I got something that they lack
I just EAT and I attack
Gotta zip
I am unlocked
Ya lil bitch bruh she a bop
And you cuffed her like a cop
So I assumed her like a cop
I won't stop until I drop
That must mean that I'm on fire
Rollin out im wit my niggaz
Rollin up that gas
That fire
Your nose long cause you a liar
I should pull your teeth with pliers
Sinister just like the mob
Yeah we Eat but we not biters
We don't fuck wit firefighters
Cause they put out all the fires
We a everlasting thing
Like coretta and the king
I'm just tryna make reality
Become my dreams
Keep it hunnit in totality
I have no schemes
All these niggaz wear each other clothez
Keep it a bean
Ima make ten times your salary
I'm bout my cream
And you a slacker

I'm so skinny but I eat a lot
I get Paper like a mailbox
Can't nobody ever take my spot
Period, but these other niggaz dot dot

I keep it cool until you fwm
If you not wit me
When I'm down
You won't be up wit me
I ain't cool with all the ppl who grew up with me
I say fuck em if you notice I move silently

Writer(s): Sinister DB
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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