Sheek Louch, Jadakiss, Styles P Put Some Money on It (remix)

Put Some Money on It (remix)
by (Feat. , & )
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Put Some Money on It (remix) Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
When I hit the ground
Looking like a mosquito
I got you burning
I'm the big head mojito
I don't need to read it
When I say
You ain't really ? all that stuff
You go and crack the guns
I heard about it enough
Hey yo ? are you really gonna sign ?
Take that
I'm the ?
Tattoo up in a whit white ?
? I forgot to feed her better go
Put some money on it
Daddy ain't love the ?
I'm over concrete
? gonna hurt when I beat
Whoever whenever
Put some money on it
If your ? is good might get heavy on it
? up the hood on a Chevy ?
Poppy got it ? like Grizzly hair
Black and white TVs please be clear
? I'm the man for New York ?
All ? in my new wardrobe
? I'll be by myself
Think of something sweet
Never been waxed
So that ain't one of issues
Take my bread
And take care of my pistols
Cause if I open a break
You can see on crystal
? trust me
Profit is gorgeous
Stay off the phone
Cause calls are recorded
? try to be a diamond in the game?
I've been one
Kill the niggers with the flow
H.1.N.1 you ain't get ? than one
? drug dealers he ain't come
? since you're hating
Never trust niggers with a ?
? machine guns
I don't need any gun ?
Easy dog
We'll be bored
? be his dog

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