Slick Talk
Slick Talk

Slick Talk Lyrics Meanings
by SlickBoy Nae

Apr 17, 2022
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Slick Talk Lyrics

Made it out the trenches
Now they saying I don't play fair
Yes I am the ticket I ain't giving no daycare
Typing onna internet its sad and the hate there
Paint hella pictures that ain't real and it ain't clear
Crabs all inna bucket inna dump they gonn stay there
Plotting on my next move and they asking to say where
The steak is medium but the beefing is still rare
Putting on a image with a front and a fake scare
Buying all designer when the bank account real bare
And when they talking its just hate fever
Grabbing the ball no ODB and I'm the best receiver
Bet everything all on myself cuz I'm a great believer
Born perfectionist I'm far from a underachiever
They stealing bases I'm at home I'm a hellava keeper
They talking dirty and the cards getting cheaper and cheaper
Dance with the devil getting lost now they close with the reaper

Tidal waves is crashing and they steady just getting high
Look you inna face and then they smiling behind a lie
Tryna pass the time to get away so they getting by
Tend to act real stupid when I know so they satisfied
Belichick the play and getting technical strategize
I see the snakes in the water crossing over the border
I see the smile and they shorter sick agendas and mortar
I seen a flip to a quarter change executive orders
They showing love for no reason like the book of Ephesians
Only to get something pleasing going on with the treason
Hellava season but a angel can turn to a demon
Here lies these bitch niggas with genitals
I'm sitting out ain't with the trend but they steal my style
On judgment day most of these niggas won't make it to trial
Classified as not one of them so they looking now

Lets take it back to the basics
Never toting with a gun we can match inna matrix
Took some ass whoopings to learn
I'm the man for the taking
Onna stove hot with the grease
And they ass is some bacon
This not a passive a statement
I gotta master my patience
And at my core I'm still the same
And they probably changing
Back against the wall I never fold
And they probably breaking
Make another move
I do that bitch without hesitation
I'm kicking down the doors
That shit is mines and its for the taking
World is gonna hear me
Like the lion come out the cages
Coming better chapters Harry Potter they flipping pages
Gotta better sound I'm talking shit they ain't hear in ages
Like they hit the lotta in the NBA I'm the favorite'
In control of destiny I'm holding the narration
Watch they gonna hear it all across of the damn nation

Writer(s): Nae Goines
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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