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by Slipknot
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Oct 15, 2014

Lech Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I know why Judas wept, motherf***er
Verse 2
The fires burn on the summit
Shining a light on the ones I've killed
Survivor's guilt - undetermined
I could murder the world in all the blood I've spilled
Verse 3
Sequestered and conquered
To hell with your intelligence
Just figure out your common sense
Verse 4
No one is bulletproof
Verse 5
And I'll eat the skins of my brothers
The alabaster bones will make a perfect wall
Gonna fill in the cracks of these feelings
With every terrible piece or maybe nothing at all
Verse 6
Take granted for everything
What more could you ask for?
It doesn't matter anymore
Verse 7
No one is bulletproof
Verse 8
Can you feel the cold?
Fortune never favors the old
Tired of defending myself
Go complain to somebody else
Somebody else
Verse 9
The ma**es and your madness
Are the voices in your head
They're smashing out your windows
That you worked for beneath your bed
You live right f***ing heathens
So you'll die like pagan gods
In between the poisons and the pure
Contagions and the charm
Verse 10
Nine for sure
Verse 11
And I have only sand inside of me
It's a rotting sick that I don't need
To prevent your interrogation
I can believe I'm saying this
I'll live with my regrets
I'll die by my decisions
I'm not your f***ing superstar
Keep it closed, you're going way too far
Verse 12
No one is bulletproof
No one is bulletproof
No one is bulletproof

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