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Oct 15, 2014

Lech Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I know why Judas wept, motherfucker
Verse 2
The fires burn on the summit
Shining a light on the ones I've killed
Survivor's guilt - undetermined
I could murder the world in all the blood I've spilled
Verse 3
Still question the conquered
To hell with your intelligence
Just figure out your common sense
Verse 4
No one is bulletproof
Verse 5
And I'll eat the skins of my brothers
Yellow pastor bones will make a perfect wall
Gonna fill in the cracks of these feelings
With every terrible piece or maybe nothing at all
Verse 6
Take granted for everything
What more could you ask for?
It doesn't matter anymore
Verse 7
No one is bulletproof
Verse 8
Can you feel the cold?
Fortune never favors the old
Tired of defending myself
Go complain to somebody else
Somebody else
Verse 9
The masses and your manners
Are the voices in your head
They're smashing out your windows
That you worked for beneath your bed
You live right fucking 'neath it
So you'll die like thanking gods
In between the voices and the pure
'Cause masses have the charm
Verse 10
Nine for sure
Verse 11
And I have only sand inside of me
It's a rotting sick that I don't need
To pene-vent your interro-gration
I can believe I'm saying this
I'll live with my regrets
I'll die by my decisions
I'm not your fucking superstar
Keep it closed, you're going way too far
Verse 12
No one is bulletproof
No one is bulletproof
No one is bulletproof

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