Down 4 You
Down 4 You

Down 4 You Lyrics Meanings
by Snoop Dogg
ft. Ja Rule

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Down 4 You Lyrics

I want to be your chick
I want to be down for you
(Do ya trust me?) Yeah
(Love me?) Yeah, yeah
(Ya puttin' it on me, ya must be)
Your down ass chick
I want to be your chick
(Aint only for tha RULE baby)
I'll ride for you, die for you
Do anything you want me to
I'll be your down ass chick

[Ja Rule]
This is no intention of bein' offensive to women
By callin' ya'll bitches, my down ass bitches
Still, my queen bitch's cuts look clean
On that finger next to tha finger ya flipped at me
And there's no, in between me and you, only me and you
Who else gon' put it on you, like tha RULE
And God only looks after children and fools
And ya not, so who gon' look after you
It's RULE baby

Tru baby, it's only for you baby
Vita thighs only divide if you inside
'cause I, love tha way you touch me nobody can get it
And if it's comin' and gunnin' jus consider it spit it
So when ya gone for a minute
I jus fantasize, like if it's you it's all in it
Then I'm satisified
Til you come back to me holdin' stacks and jewels
V-i-t-a and my nigga J-a RULE baby

I'm gonna be here when ya need
RULE baby can always count on me
And you don't eva have to worry (worry)
You know I'll make it in a hurry (hurry)
I'm here for ya, and I will neva leave
Shed tears for ya, cause boy ya got to me
There'll neva be anotha for me (for me)
You'll always be my one and only (only)

[Ja Rule (Ashanti)]
Baby girl would ya bust your gun wit me? (Yeah, yeah)
Lie to tha feds to come get me? (Yeah, yeah)
And if I die would ya kill for me? (Yeah, yeah)
Are ya trustin' me? (Yeah, yeah)
Are ya lovin' me? (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Let's get it grinnin' like we asked for the Simpsons or Ike and Anna Mehoe
On one of their good days
You smile like sun rays (Smile), 5'5 wit brown eyes and thick legs
Only for the RULE baby

[Charli Baltimore (Ja Rule)]
Now baby I told you I could show you betta than I could tell you
Don't try to bring conversary and mail
Full of sweet words and naked photos
I'm still that pretty down, down ass 2 cars behind your 6
And I diss any clown ass rockin' my brown ass, only a down ass
And it's all for you
I've grown a tad bit since we been at it like rare bitches
To pull a little number and it's (all for RULE)
Shit, who gon' love you like that?
Thug wit'chu wit a stack to tha ceiling
Or splittin' a dub wit'chu
'cause I play my position wit KO-D's, O-G's
Until that blood shed blood red and we O-Ded
Rememba every word that ya told me
All you need in yo life is chuck, drugs and dubs on 22's
Now tell me who tha hunny for you

[Chorus 2x]

Writer(s): Charli Baltimore, Jeffrey Atkins, Ashanti Douglas, Roger Troutman, Larry Troutman, Irving Lorenzo, Seven Marcus Aurelius, Andre L. Parker
Copyright(s): Lyrics © BMG Rights Management, Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, RESERVOIR MEDIA MANAGEMENT INC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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