Press Play cover
Press Play cover

Press Play Lyrics Meanings
by Snoop Dogg
feat. Kurupt


Press Play Lyrics

Yeah, what up bitch
Kurupt Young Gotti, "Ego Trippin" hoe
Ha ha, what up Snoop?
We back in this bitch homie, ey Daz!

So many, so many, so many G's in a 'lac
Blowin' weed in the back
Switch, hit a switch, D.P.'s in the act
Bigg Snoop Dogg, he a boss like that bitch

[Snoop Dogg]
Bendin' the curb swervin', blowin' on some hiz-erb
The boss has returned, I'm still flyer than a biz-ird
Ridin' and Rollin' with them Steelers like I'm Pittsburgh
Go against the gang the man will have your whole click served
Nice with the mic thang, the hoes love my pipe game
Put it in the hole all night, I got nice aim
Snoop Dogg nigga, how many times I got to show ya?
You don't wanna see this loc'ster Calvin Broadus from the shoulders
So, just get your rap on, that I never slacked on
Hoe, you got your strap out, here we get our jack on
Dick you hoes can snack on, you and your whole crew
I'll pull out my nine, now do what you hoes do
Di-Di-Di-Dogg Pound, I came to break it down
God bless my pimp bone, gettin' my ego trip on, fool
Ease back before I trip on you uh, flip on you uh
And have them hollows rip on through ya, boy

Dogg Pound is up in this bitch
Riders... Yeah, ey Snoop
These niggaz ain't shit man

[Chorus] [Snoop Dogg]
Still tokin', title holdin'
Desert Eagle .4-5 totin', leave a niggaz brain broken
Still loc'n, still potent
Still trippin', still tippin', yeah I'm still focused
And I'm still flippin', words, do it like ki's for G's
We swerve-swerve across seas gettin' cheese with ease
I'm still tall and, still ballin'
Dumb bitches still callin', foes still fallin'
Still bustin' a hoe, still gettin' bucks out a hoe
Bitch get outta line I put my Chuck's on her throat
Still hittin' switches, still gettin' riches
Still the best in the game, I'm still hittin' pitches
So, what it do? I'm still at you
I ain't forgot about the past cause, it still be fool
Gangsta shit, niggaz get to ego grippin'
It's Snoop Dogg and I present to y'all "Ego Trippin"
So press play

Man I ain't gon' tell you niggaz again
Man, we about 17 years and rollin' fool


Man what else we gon' do man?
We'll get this cheese, bang out, ride
What up Supafly, G-Dub, Nate
Kurupt Young Gotti is definitely in this beotch
We do this... what up Dr. Dre, Daz
Nigga we "Ego Trippin'" busta' ass niggaz
Count us out, we come right back in
Push us out this time punk
Yeah, and we doin' this our own nigga...

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