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by SnowSlickmia


Hendawg Lyrics

I should go straight in
I should go straight in
Me & Pop sliding watchin for cops
Choppers, big ole AR's and Glocks
These niggas thinkin they ill but they not
Fuck nigga play get unlimited shots
I'm scheming and plotting, he thinkin he hot but he not
Like Boston bullets got em' rocking red socks
Them ain't fireworks you hear, gone let them bitches rock

4th of July how them bitches gone pop
Servin lowkey got dope in my sock
Letting it squeeze you know ima pop
Aint no writing this shit off the top
Aim at his top, muhfucka' gone drop
Oooh Shit, No love for no thot

Don't know what she thought
Randy Moss, them bands got caught
Run up them bands like Usain Bolt taught me
Boy if I up that fie on ya, you dead

Run up on me yeah you know I got the cig
No shovel you know that I dig

Them shooters efficient I know they ain't missing
I'm counting them hunnids I run up them digits

Talkin that shit, pull up no huggie
Teach you some shit, ooh no Dougie
Tryna tell ya that shit can get ugly

I'm tryna tell ya
Smoking that gas I know they can smell it
If its bout them bands hit me on my cellular
Smoking this gas I swear it ain't regular
Police behind us I doubt that they catching us
We in the front and them niggas in back of us

Full throttle you know I ain't letting up

Lights camera action I pop out a movie

Oh shit he got the tooly
Aint no joking he thinkin I'm foolish
Get yo bitch she keep on looking

She keep on staring
New diamonds on me they glaring, but it's apparent
She keep on calling me daddy, I ain't got no kids I'm not a parent

Diamonds they on me you know that they dancing
To be real, nigga pussy, I dare em

This 93 we ain't smoking no regular

Smoking that zona' you know ain't no passing em

Down for the ride told my niggas to fasten up
Boop, bop, bullet go straight thru ya top for the guwop

Getting that cheese you know how I stack it up
Aint talking ranch you know how I dress it up

I just need extra
Don't know if ima see tomorrow so I ain't putting nun on my schedule
Deuce Deuce hit a nigga up like he sick he need medicine

No protein how I'm flexing
No step master how I'm stepping
Got that .40 on me and you know how I'm gripping
Shooting that 3 I ain't talkin bout Curry
Prime D. Rose I'll do em dirty
Aint talkin laundry, know I'll fold em

Aint talkin bout clothes, I hit for a load
These niggas be hoes, he sold his soul
How you break the code you say that's yo bro
I'm in the cut lowkey clutching my pole

1 in the head you know I'm on go
Run up on me I'm letting it blow

Smooth criminal hit a lick in a coat
Making em dance no disco
Ion care bout the bread its the principle
He going under no limbo

Stick turn him 5'8 but he was 6'4
Hell naw I ain't banging Crip though
Me and gang counting blue strips hoe

X a nigga out no tic tac toe
No stylist bitch I'm fresh from head to toe

Ya bitch gave me head spit dripped on my toes
She drooling oooh I like she do it

No Nike oooh she do it
Keeping a Uzi but my name ain't Lil Uzi

Boy you gone die if I use it
All my hittas is ruthless
Timbos on my feet I'm booted

Writer(s): Desmond Snow
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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