Sons & Daughters Choir All Will Be Fine cover

All Will Be Fine
by Sons & Daughters Choir
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Song Meaning
Verse 1
Today you're down comes tomorrow
Chances of rising again seems hollow
Doubt may be in your mind oh oh give it time
And all will be fine
Verse 2
Seem you cannot make it but you can
Though the road maybe winding and long
Our feet might get weary but not our minds
Verse 3
We will find light in the darkest of times
Verse 4
Oh oh we are tomorrow's keepers
Wake up now bright nation of thinkers
Mighty triumphant fearless be a beacon of hope
Verse 5
As the river swells its banks
the sea meets the sands
We should all hold hands
With our fellow man
Let your voices be heard
Love is the word
Cast anger away its whole brand new da

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