900 Rainy Days

900 Rainy Days Lyrics Meanings
by Space


900 Rainy Days Lyrics

Space no hook nigga
You know what that mean

These niggas and bitches fake
I'm better of by myself
I spit 900 degrees back up, or i think you might melt
I work hard with no complaining
I do what i can, with the hand that i was dealt
These bars come from the i could care less about felt
I keep a tight circle with me like a belt
Run thru my obstacles like my name is Benny Snell
When it come to money never moving slow, i'm not a snail
On the beat i set sail

Fuck my haters i know deep down they wish me well
I'm on a path to greatness if you couldn't fucking tell
I know they hate me cause my name ring bells
You niggas commit crimes, just to go and tell
I put my mind into music and i'ma excel
My words are forever like a well
Mumble rap is like a hotel
One night stand, next night they gone
The masses found a different sound
New song, same flow
But not me, there's more than one direction i go
Final destination, higher conscious
Fuck what you been told
I'm chasing my dreams before i get old
I will never be who you thought i was
I'm precise when i speak, my speech is like an open flame
Calm collected i'm clutch just like dame
Fabrication in your rhymes, you should be ashamed

Split a 8th of shrooms had to tame my ego
Free kodak when they see me they like there he go
Anything i spit is law, nigga fuck a veto
Rolling up a torpedo n my brother got a pocket rocket power
Pretending you niggas need to stop it
You selling lies and they bought it
My real raps gonna make me a profit
Fuck being the trending topic

Writer(s): Rocky Willis
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

900 Rainy Days Meanings

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