Emerging Lyrics Meanings
by Spacepope


Emerging Lyrics

I used to make conscious rap, fuck that
I'd rather talk about gats and how I do shit I don't do as a matter of fact
What you think I am, nah I'm not that
I got scales on my skin and spines on my back
The lizard-man melting down dozen MCs
Best believe I got the link on the blue cheese
Somebody please, save me from this world-scape
Sending up a flare right to the reach of space
I can't see my face in the mirror cause' it shifted
Addicted, to twisting spring chickens into liquid
Conscripted, to bring the sickness
Unscripted and vivid
So meeting with the Pope is on the top of your wishlist
I made my glasses rose tinted
And predicted every move while you made yourself winded
Dodged the punch, flung the kick as i spun
Straight to your dome, now your done
Space monk with the raw funk
Twisting up the skunk, to bless these black lungs
No funds so I'm sparking up the crumbs while I'm ducking through the drums
Forked tongue spitting dung onto the pop-shield
Too ill

For these drones to ever comprehend
Off my head I'll drift you round the bend
Leave you choking on your Biro pen
Screaming that you'll never write again
So get a grip while I transmit
Moonlit pages to misfits
Blink and you'll miss this, from the rubble to the Ritz
Expanding up the syndicate
Got your chick popping the splits, while I'm puffin on the indica
Ignorant when chillin' with delinquents
Yeah we're looking different but were never looking innocent
The booze got us belligerent
Step on stage stage break a leg and a ligament
Omnipotent, with no due diligence
That's why its no coincidence the Pope is so magnificent

And now, I'm emerging and floating (Floating, floating, floating)

Writer(s): Dean Case
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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