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Mar 26, 2022
Chainz Music Video

Chainz Lyrics

Yeah Yeah
Oh Shit
Yeah Yeah
Oh shit
Yeah Yeah
Pulled up swiftly with my sug
Nigga you good, nigga you straight
Damn straight
I can't rest till I got chainz I cant replace
Really just
Tired of all these shackles on me
Stop capping
Come rap homie
The fact of the matter is
All of yo niggas be avid jugs
Lost in my pattern of sauce
I be the boss
Feeling like hugo
Where the keys to the coupe go
Loop hole
Oh no
Ion like that shit
Back then
Real friends small fights and shifts
All my niggas had raps
An we call cap to any 16 that didn't sound clean as oxycodine
The feeling im feeling is hip hop and my shit is some dopamine kick rocks
Spo be the one from the lift off perspectives
Schooling niggas from the get go had to show lil buddy my leverage
Damn kid

I'm never satisfied with A's for effort
I'll slit my wrist before I settle for second
And go Odell Beckham
Come back with one hand with a vengeance
Like Heaven sent him
I got Burberry scent on I been gone
I'm back, what what you been on
I been know to smell like a pack
Of that chem dog
Got I need dope syndrome
The pen been strong but steady drifting
And writing bout these bitches
Apologize to momma for the lingo
Imma pimp tho
Hoe stop asking if we can elope
Just gone invoke
My motives to get up go
But on a serious note
Man Is they serious Spo
They hardest most serious flows
Is where I slip on the Floor
Dawg where the remote
I can't be chained to this channel
I'm more Sopranos
They shit
First season cancelled
I'm getting good head call it cantu
From a bitch that say I do
All the things her man just can't do
Need the range and the damn coupe
When I get on
I know some
Praying on my downfall like I'm Kim jong
Run up on me
Bet I quick draw
But it ain't a draw I hand L's off
Like I'm Brady dawg
I hand L's off like I'm Brady dawg

Death round da corner
I feel like I'm malcom
Strapped with a k
Could come any day
One call to chulo
Then I got the drake
Been Bumpin some my new shit
Da hunger da same
Still ain't make it
I'm feelin ashamed
Been plotting on ranges
I'm feeing deranged
If I go out
Then I'm letting it sing
If I go out
Then It's out with a bang
How you can feel me
When Im hiding this pain
What a feeling
Mama look at u strange
Face In awe
While she seeing the change
Like damn what ha son became
Still Aint made it yet
I'm feelin ashamed
How can you feel me
I be maskin the pain
If I died 2night
I Aint blaming da game
Cuz Im too playa for it
Mama ashamed
What would hurt da most
I couldnt get things
Rich Porter story
They might kill me getting paid
Fuck it
Make it scarface
They just might kill me in the raid
In case just buried with my chains
These bitches scared to see me outchea
Eating like they didn't shave
It's LA

Writer(s): Austin Mclendon, Stefan Roberts, Xavier Davis
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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