Morning After cover
Morning After cover

Morning After Lyrics Meanings
by Srae Lla Mi


Morning After Lyrics

This is the worst Morning After
Why do we go out so much and drink so much man
This sucks
But uh
Go ahead and chef a little coffee ima knock on this man Dirty's door
Hey Dirty! What's the best food to make the morning after bro

Headaches, my stomach hurts
And I can't find my phone
(Don't be a bitch)
I hope somebody here is willing
To give your boy a ride home
What did we get into and why is my shirt bloody
Chick to my left keep asking why's her nose runny
Baby girl.. It's just part of the thrill
If you can't take the heat then back away from the gril

Tired of faking on y'all, figured I'd just be me
She sucks the life out of me, and now I swear that I can sleep
I used to never be like this
But all I surround myself with now
Is the color


Thirty one, twenty three
Consists of worm, MikeADelic, Carlos, and Bohn B

Not answering your shit
First on the left is where you'll find me
Soap bar the beat up glove flip to Mike
For the clean

But like
You good over there bro

(Shots on me boys)

Shit man, did I really drink that much
Did you see if Carlos made it back

I don't even know man

The golden days are just ahead
Two golden blondes still in my bed
Blunt burning in my ash tray
Head pounding, but I gotta get this cash made

What did me dirty
(It's the Bombay)
Like Ray J did Kim K

Walk out the door
About 2:44
Blurry vision
Alchy's Alchy's coming out my pores

Everything is groovy
As long as this
Uber doesn't sue me for the earlo on her carpet
I sprint, I go, to the local market

Tall Boys 2for1
I guess I'm back in it
So I might just finish it here before everythings unclear

Shots on me boys

Writer(s): Srae Lla Mi
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Morning After Meanings

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