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So Far Away
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So Far Away Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
When I was a young, young man
Back in the twentieth century
Well, you made your own amusements then
Verse 2
Flying to the moon
The benefit of hindsight
Is always black and white
Verse 3
And there always were contrasting ways
To get you through the night
From bright morning star to morning sun
Verse 4
But they are so far away
That I won't even ask them to stay
Verse 5
I've been looking for a way to be true
A way out of the blue
Calling but I can't get through
To explain myself to you
Verse 6
The constant repetition
Of details from the past
The painful human anguish
Of why can't true love last?
Verse 7
Whilst living in the wreckage
Of all we have done
Verse 8
But you are so far away
That I won't even ask you to stay
Verse 9
The day the Berlin wall came down
And other days forgotten
Nostalgia isn't what it was
Farewell then Johnny Rotten, Brian Jones
Verse 10
And Jackson Pollock, Chairman Mao
See you later Allen Ginsberg
You changed the world somehow
And the times when we weren't crying
Have been fun
Verse 11
But they are so far away
That I won't even ask them to stay
No way, I won't even ask them to stay

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