Sterling Simms, Jadakiss All I Need cover

All I Need
by Sterling Simms & Jadakiss

Jan 1, 2008

All I Need Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Oh uh uh
Oh uh uh uh
1 time
2 times
3 times
Verse 2
I promise that I won't be wasting your time
I'm tryin' to give you everything that's mine
I'm making a point and I'm tryin' to draw the line
And if I'm wrong then hell it might be blind
Be my baby
Be my girl
Be my shawty
Be my world
Be my any and everything that I adore
This picture of us baby I'm really looking forward to it
Verse 0
Give you all you need
That's the man that I wanna be
I can't be him without you with me
Your love is all I need
And baby I hope you feel the same way
Don't let me waste the whole day you got me singing like
Ooh ah [Repeats]
Verse 3
I'm knocking on your door you gotta open your blinds
Baby I'm tryin' to tell you this product is mine
Pieces missing out ya puzzle
Notch up your mind
And everywhere I turn I keep seeing signs like
(Oh) y'all look good together
(Oh) looking like sister and brother
(Oh) y'all act just like each other play it off like man whatever
And now I'm thinking about
Verse 4
Verse 5
I'm going hard till I get her
Cause my mission won't be complete till I'm with her.
Even though right now she acting kinda bitter
But I'm thinking in a minute she will reconsider
Especially if she understands how I dig her
Yea I think big but I plan even bigger
Walking in the sands holding hands by the river
Good love make her legs shake then she shiver
Being all that she needs is my soul purpose.
If she don't feel the same way though it's all worthless
Everybody makes mistakes so we ain't perfect
It's not cause I want this to happen I deserve it
Peeped your whole style out and I observe it
I see you ain't making this easy I gotta earn it
But I gotta make this official tho I can't be the man I wanna be till I'm with you though.
Verse 6

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