Stevie J. 3 Way (Skit) cover

3 Way (Skit)
by Stevie J.

3 Way (Skit) Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Verse 2
What up shorty, what's going on?
Verse 3
Whats up E
Verse 4
Everything alright
Verse 5
Yea I'm chillin', wassup with you?
Verse 6
Nothin' just chilling, everything alright with you and Stevie?
Verse 7
Man fuck that nigga, what he told you to call me?
Verse 8
No,no,no. Uhuh, nah what made you think that?
Verse 9
Come on y'all, man tell that nigga when you talk to him,
don't fuckin' call me and come get his shit
Verse 10
No,no, pump ya breaks, pump ya breaks
Verse 11
Pump my breaks what?
Verse 12
Come on Eve, it ain't even like that
Verse 13
Oh, what the fuck? Hold up, hold up.
You got me on a 3 way you callin' me 4 that nigga
Erex No!
Verse 14
Man fuck you and that nigga, how bout that?
Verse 15
No 'b', wait wait
Verse 16
What the fuck? Why would you say something?

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