Slaughter House Jive cover
Slaughter House Jive cover

Slaughter House Jive Lyrics Meanings
by Stick Martin

Slaughter House Jive Lyrics

Yo, ya think the story's over, but it's just starting
The people of Honesdale call me Chris Martin
Danny D is my brother, Mary Jo is my mom
Mary Jane in my glass, cusp that shit is the bomb
Well, ya know the Stickman rocks microphones
The Queen is Dead and Jeremy Jones
I said where it's at, but the answer's grown
I got two hand drummers and a xylophone
Livin day to day, reading K.V.J
I got words to say, a guitar to play
And I got good rhythms, I got good rhymes
I got good friends and we got good times
But before the lip lock get the fresh breath tic tac
Kicking out rhymes but collecting no kick backs
Yeah I got skills but they don't pay the bills
Gotta get up and go to work
Just watch me now

I gotta get down, just to stay alive
Stick around and catch the Slaughterhouse Jive
When you're down, know that you'll survive
Stick around and catch the Slaughterhouse Jive

Slaughterhouse Five to the six and seven
The price is right like Rob, Mike and Kevin
Don't lift weights, but I elevate my mind
49er rhymes, I'm a lyrical gold mine
Gimme a little room, yeah back the fuck off of me
The fifth insight from the Celestine Prophecy
From Wayne County to the great beyond
Spend a little time down at Walden Pond
I send peace to peeps, who be talkin in their sleep
I'll be playin my guitar, I'll be playin for keeps
I'll be playin at a friend's backyard celebration
Never been to jail but I've been on probation
Never been to Texas, the lone star state
But I've been to Kutztown, and that place is great
When I play guitar, it makes me say goddamn
Yo, I jam therefore I am
Just watch me now

S to the T to the I to the C to the K to the M A N and that's me...

Yo, which came first, the chicken or the yolk?
The ecstasy I ate, or the marijuana smoke
I'm more down with the old school then I am with the new jack
Fuck Will Smith, Johnny Cash was the Man in Black
People always coming, but they don't know where they're going
Gotta catch a good vibe and be going with the flow and
See a good show and I pull an all-nighter
Hey man, who's got my lighter?
That shit ain't cool
If your mind is stable you're unable to fail
Smoking' Marlboros in the borough of Honesdale
Reading Kurt Vonnegut

"Anyway you want it, that's the way you need it, anyway you want it..."
It was 3 am when I wrote this rhyme
But like Billy Pilgrim I can trip through time
What's up, you down with what I'm talking about
Yo, I'm out like Kilgore Trout
Just watch me now

Writer(s): Stick Martin
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Slaughter House Jive Meanings

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