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Roaring Boys, Pt. 2
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Verse 1
Paddy is waiting in Drogheda town
For the train to carry him south
Another drunken night on the town
Messing around
Verse 2
The Roaring Boys, the roaring boys
It's all the same to the roaring boys
They come into town just to make some noise
Oh the life of the roaring boys
Verse 3
Drinking and fighting and acting the fool
Shouting insults and thinking you're cool
Telling lies and believing they're true
Who's fooling who
Verse 4
Chorus rpt:
Verse 5
Oh the life of the roaring boys.
Verse 6
Won't you tell me all your cares and problems
Won't you tell me why you look so blue
I'll take you into town, yeah, show you a thing or two
I know every bar and nightclub
Yeh, no two will be the same
I know every nightclub doorman
And they'll all know my name
They all know my name
Verse 7
Hey Charlie can you lend us a tenner
Just until Saturday night
You know I'll pay you back man
You know I'll see you right cos
Verse 8
I am a roaring boy
A wild colonial boy
I'll party all night long
Roaring boy
Verse 9
Hey Stevie, let's hit the town
I've got some money that I want to spend
Let's go out on a bender, let's get drunk again
Don't tell me 'bout your cares and problems
Cos' I don't really want to know
I've got train to catch yeah
And I have got to go cos
Verse 10
Chorus: x 2

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