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One Day She'll Love Me [From the Emperor's New Groove]
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One Day She'll Love Me [From the Emperor's New Groove] Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Verse 2
I'd never imagined before
Verse 3
That the world could be turned on it's head
Verse 4
I'd never have thought
Verse 5
To be here in this place
Verse 6
I'd never have dreamt that in love
Verse 7
I'd be lost and so easily led
Verse 8
I guess I was caught
Verse 9
By that hint of a smile on her face
Verse 10
I thought I was happy
Verse 11
When my life was as easy as pie
Verse 12
But that was the past
Verse 13
Of an ignorant youth
Verse 14
I'm falling in love with the girl
Verse 15
But I'm forced to be living a lie
Verse 16
And she'd never love mew&d
Verse 17
If she knew the truth
Verse 18
Is it asking too much
Verse 19
If I pray for a miracle, miracle
Verse 20
That one day she'll love me
Verse 21
One day she'll say I care
Verse 22
Although he's changing day by day
Verse 23
He finds these tender words of love
Verse 24
Impossible to say
Verse 25
He walks in the room
Verse 26
And I'm never quite sure
Verse 27
If he's trying to be somebody else
Verse 28
I'm liking him better that he's
Verse 29
Not his arrogant self
Verse 30
Perhaps I'm expecting too much
Verse 31
Of a miracle, miracle
Verse 32
One day he'll love mew&d
Verse 33
One day he'll say I love you
Verse 34
And I will love him until I die
Verse 35
Distant Star
Verse 36
Cast your light
Verse 37
On my life
Verse 38
And one by one
Verse 39
I didn't anticipate feeling the power of love
Verse 40
In this way
Verse 41
And day by dayw&d
Verse 42
We've never been closer than this
Verse 43
And I find myself daring to pray
Verse 44
We'll find these tender ways of love
Verse 45
Impossible to disobeyw&d
Verse 46
One day she'll love me
Verse 47
One day he'll say I love you
Verse 48
And I will love her
Verse 49
Until the moment
Verse 50
Our hearts stop beating
Verse 51
And we are light
Verse 52
Verse 53

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