surgery Lyrics Meanings
by Stoneman


surgery Lyrics

I love this shit
I love this shit
I love this shit
I love this shit
Said I really, really love this shit
Said I love this shit
Yeah, yeah
Said I love this shit

Find myself in crazy situations
Sometimes, swear I really, really hate this
I hate hate like a doc hates patients
All work, I don't know when my day ends
Find myself in crazy situations
Sometimes, this is the greatest
The difference is really the faintest
Need the fucking news, I need the latest
Keep my CPU like really safe
These the things I'm taking to my grave
One life, you do not get to save, at all
Walking through the windows, I was walking through the walls
Wrote this shit on Christmas, man, I wrote it a like a clause
And fuck all of ya treaties, man, I know you'd do me wrong
How to seek some type of peace with all this shit that's going on
Rats inside the sewers and the locusts in the walls

Ooh, why worry
Won't catch me at anybody's mercy
Ooh, why worry
No contact, vision really blurry
Mech implant, fix it in a hurry
Lasic, lasers, lights in a flurry
Eyes imperfect, go berserk
Human bodies really like the worst
Put me in the program, based in browsers
Spikes on my back, now I look like bowser
Question my appearance
Looking in the mirror, I could build on what I'm seeing
I don't mean with lifting, I could see it clearly
I could be alight with the wires like machine
Pistons for arms, level deepest ravines
I see a life like an end to the means
Ooh, ooh, ooh, oh

I love this shit
Above it all, I swear I love this shit
I just know what could be done, know it could be fun
I just need the time, maybe I just need the funds
Never really needed to be pulling stupid stunts
Get it how you live it, you just get it like a grub
I get it like I need it, gotta get it like a drug
Gotta get it like a drug, gotta get it like a drug
I love this shit
Tryna swap my heart for drums and shit
Never sell it, or you might as well quit
But if you quit, you're lowest rung, that's it
Ladder, ladder, you got secrets, really
Bet I'll climb it faster if my heels were Heelys
Wheels for my feet, always popping a wheelie
Drop it all, put my mind to the screen

Writer(s): Brandon Llamas
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

surgery Meanings

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