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Verse 1
When it was time to move on to the castle of evil
There was a lot of doubt among the travelers.
They were not sure that they wanted to continue this quest,
And why should they? If they turned back now
Maybe they would survive instead of meeting the same fate as Darek.
And riding towards the castle would only bring one thing, death.
It was in that moment of doubt that Siam began to speak.
Verse 2
As I started to make this journey I traveled alone
Not knowing what waited for me on the other side
But I always knew that this was destined just for me
Chosen by fate to battle the evil one
Verse 3
And no, no I can not change this prophecy
No, it's already written in my fate
Verse 4
And now that I've come this far into the unknown
This quest feels so hard to bear on my shoulders
And I cannot ask of you to join me to the end
But if I face this alone then I will die
Verse 5
Bu no, no I will not change my destiny
No, I shall follow the sign because
Verse 6
I, I know it's my destiny
And there is nothing here for me
So now, you got to choose you see
Stay here where you'll be safe and warm
Or to carry on
And if you stay then I go alone
Into the land of the dark
Verse 7
Together we're strong enough
There's no way we will lose
Together we'll carry on
United as one we will give them a fight
To battle were riding on
With steel in our hands
In glory we're riding on
Try to fulfill our quest
Verse 8
And no, no we shall not change our destiny
No, we shall follow the sign because
Verse 9
I, I know it's my destiny

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