The House Always Wins cover
The House Always Wins cover

The House Always Wins Lyrics Meanings
by Stray From the Path


The House Always Wins Lyrics

Break, motherfucker - yo, they're making you an offer you can't refuse
Break, motherfucker - yeah, you bet against the house and you're gonna lose
Break, motherfucker - we're all fucked, no matter who we choose
Yeah break, motherfucker - yeah you bet against the house
And you're gonna lose

Bare witness - yo, business is business
A two-faced coin either side there's no difference
Who can you buy to tell a lie? This shit is vicious
The deck is rigged, don't call 'em out - they keep a hit list
Two sides polarized, social suicide
Homegrown invasion to enslave the nation, but you decide
Burn the ballots sweep 'em under the rug
Who's your leader? Trick question - none of the above You think the war room is any different now
You dumb enough to think that it's another system now?
You livin' in another prison now
Different warden but you in the same position now
You think both party leaders ain't livin' foul?
A hundred thousand troops is on another mission now
The deep pockets of corporate wealth is shiftin' now
You think that fundamental change is a decision now?
The taxpayer-funded travel is the same
The disaster that we call foreign policy is the same
Executive order is still the same
Homeland security and borders is the same
Somebody need to take a shot at the machine
Learn to fix ya own mess and not intervene
The blind lead the blind, vision at stake
How you left these mufuckas with decisions to make?

You wanna keep 'em silent, but the people wanna riot
You try to keep 'em silent, but we wanna fucking riot

Writer(s): Craig Reynolds, Tom Williams, Andrew DiJorio, Anthony Altamura
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Songtrust Ave
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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