I Don't Play
I Don't Play

I Don't Play Lyrics Meanings
by Stunna2x

Mar 4, 2022
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I Don't Play Lyrics

Told em boys
I don't play
Bought a zip
Smoke a lot
I don't care!

I remember
I was serving
Front street
By myself!
I ain't even wanna go outside and check the mail!

Nah nah, I ain't wanna
Me and the boys were in the garage
Smoking marijuana
I was just chilling making money with my partnas
When he started popping Xans
That's when all the bullshit started!
Said you had a play, gave you 2 zips, and then you lost em
Damn what the fuck
You really think that I'm retarded?

Like what the fuck is that? (What the fuck is that?)
Told his ass to get the money and bring it right back (All of it)
Pockets full of hunnits
I got pockets full of racks (Money)
Smoking on Jumanji
I be smoking on that grass (Green)
Fuck her keep her cumming
Yea I'm smacking on that ass (Ass)
12 pull up
I don't know nothin about that (No sir)
I ain't know nun about this (Nuh-uh)
I ain't know nun about the strap (No)
Why you got so much money?
I told you its cuz of the rap (Aha)

Stunna on the track
So its Stunna run it back
(Young Stunna)
I ain't with the cap no I ain't with all that (No)
I take the money then I give that shit a bath (Ya digg)
Dropped out of school yea I always failed math (fuck school)
Fuck Carona virus I never wear a mask (Nah, nah never)
Fuck with Stunna you gon end up dead (Dead)
One wrong move then it's one shot to your head (Head)
Now you bleeding red (Bleed bleed red)
Yea you know what up
Pour it now
Double cup
Right now
Murda guns
Hunnit rounds
Shoot for fun (Brrr)
Pull up to the scene you know that I'm wit it
Hunnit round, choppa aint got no limit
Matter fact it got double-d titties
That bih be blowing you kisses

To be honest I don't give a fuck (Nah nah)
Walk into the building
Feel like Uzi do the shoulder shrug (Yeah)
When I walk into the building
I should be getting shoulder rubs (For sure)
I got stars in the ceiling whenever I pull up (Stars)
And I got that wocky in my cup (Wocky)
Make my head foggy oh my god (Foggy)
And it tastes so yummy I'm like yuh (Yummy)
And the stick beside me it go raaa (Beside me)
And I got a hunnit in the drum (Hunnit)
Shooting hollow tips they go far (Brrt brrt)
My bullets never miss I hit em all
(Hit em)
(Hit em all)

Writer(s): steven daut
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

I Don't Play Meanings

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