Sturgill Simpson Just Let Go cover

Just Let Go
by Sturgill Simpson
Lyrics and Meaning

May 12, 2014

Just Let Go Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Woke up today and decided to kill my ego
It ain't ever done me no good no how
Gonna break through and blast off to the Bardo
In them flowers of light far away from the here and now
Verse 2
Taking a 49 divine day vacation
From reality and all else in between
Gonna transmigrate to my destination
Far beyond time in an eternal dream
Verse 3
Am I dreaming? Am I dying?
Either way I don't mind at all
Oh, it feels so good you just can't help but crying
Oh, you have to let go so the soul may fall
Verse 4
Oh my God, it's so beautiful
Everything is a part of me
It's so hard looking through all the lies made of wool
But if you close your eyes it becomes so easy to see

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