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And I Came To...
by , & Sheek
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Jan 1, 2002

And I Came To... Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Turn it up (turn it up)
Swizz Beats the monster
(Fix ya face, Ruff Ryders)
Let's do it
(D-Block) E-V-E, Styles P. and Sheek
(Whats up, whats up)
Let's do it
Verse 2
Walk wit ya nigga, hawk wit ya nigga
I came to shut it down
Ski mask and four pound
Baby grenades, we deep like baby parades
D-Block I'm goin' sharpen ya blades
Let's get it on
Videos with bullets flying through Korn
Blow! Footage turn ya camcords on
It's the underground nigga with bricks, nigga with dough
A nigga fucking all y'all chicks, you know
I'm a gangster and a gentleman too, P
I'll lay a nigga down and send his moms a bouquet for free
I could start a pet store with these birds
I'm the rap Donald Goines with words
Still rob y'all herbs (And I came to)
Hit the club on my dick, light up a blunt
Thug a bitch out, I got the mud in the front
I got the flight jacket, came with wings
When I chase you to the roof
Clappin' at ya ass with one of them things
Verse 0
I gots to live by my pride
'Cause I came to Ruff Ryde or die
And I gots to shut down ya name
'Cause I came to shut down the game
And I gots to hold down this heat
'Cause I came to hold down ya streets
And I gots to make sure I drop yo ass
'Cause I came to D-Block all ya cash
Verse 3
Yo, I was determined to sell
And not because I'm just a bunny with a fluffy tail
Had to prove that I could live hard and spit hard
Just a bonus that I'm cute and get ya dick hard
See, I ain't never lettin' mine go
I'ma be here forever with my dogs as the time go
And I know we makin' niggas sick
We in they face everyday every way and they can't handle it
Streets choosin' Double are realest niggas out no confusion
Cats don't want it over here--have you heard
S.P. ain't for games little boy lesson learned
I suggest you stay far from my nigga's face
Hop back go hard all day in a nigga's face
You see, you cowards ain't a threat to us really
Just figured that we let you know that testin' us is silly
Good luck, y'all, naw forreal, fuck why'all
Verse 4
Verse 5
I live by my pride, I could never be broke
I'ma Ruff Ryde or die catch me bein' with dope
Smokin' weed in the hoopty with the three in the coat
'Cause my ace boon-koon got a connect
Told me send a hundred bundles to the day room soon
If the shit go right, he know that it will
We'll be cash, he'll be movin' straight weight through June
But back to this rap shit who thug it the most
It'll take the whole coast just to fuck with the ghost
He done shut down the game, shit on ya name
If you ain't hold down the street or bust off ya heat
Then me and you is different, we ain't get it the same
And I represent niggas who live it, keep askin' for it
And I represent niggas who give it
This a D-Block Ruff Ryder, Holiday Styles
Cock sucker and I don't give a fuck about you
Verse 6

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