Suffocation Thrones of Blood cover

Thrones of Blood
by Suffocation

May 23, 1995

Thrones of Blood Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
The thought of killing entered my mind some time ago.
What possesses an individual to kill.
I have often pondered the thought.
Time and time again.
Now it's clear to me.
Verse 2
They want me to be part of this world they have created.
I say fuck you.
Don't tell me how to live.
Verse 3
Maybe if I eliminate the people.
Who fit this so, called mold.
My pain will finally be released.
And my mind free of thought.
Verse 4
The ax struck hard and fast.
Splitting the skull in two.
She fell instantly.
The blood spewed.
From where her head used to be.
I then struck another blow.
Verse 5
Only the lives of others.
Can quench my harsh reality.
Verse 6
I received much excitement.
From these two blows.
I must continue to strike her corpse.
Once again I brought the tool of my trade.
Verse 7
I proceeded to hack several more times.
A pile of flesh now lies before me.
Verse 8
Unrelenting need to fulfill my lust for death.
I must purge the world of it's filth.
Verse 9
Disorder scars my mind.
With killing fascination.
My tasks are far from done.
Everything must die.

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