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Unwritten Christmas
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Verse 1
[Unwritten Law]
Remember when, I was ten,
Lookin forward to Christmas again,
Everything, I enjoy,
Like the family Christmas tree and the toys,
And I?d wake up early morning
While mom and dad still snored in bed,
So I crept, down the steps,
Couldn't wait to see what Santa had left now
Verse 0
But I, but I will have to wait for Christmas,
I will have to wait for Christmas,
I will always wait for Christmas
Day now yeah, I could not wait for Christmas day.
Verse 2
[Unwritten Law]
Don't want to wait, gettin late,
March up stairs to give my parents a shake,
Get out of bed, sleepy heads,
Christmas doesn't start till you are awake,
As we gather around the tree
I open everything they gave to me,
So I stay, end up late,
Why can't it be Christmas everyday now
Verse 3
[Sum 41]
Now wake up Christmas morning, guess what I saw,
It's Unwritten Law and Sum 41 rock it raw,
With the message for kids sayin they should be nice
Not naughty 'cause, Santa knows karate, he's on the cross Vader,
Hip hop hoorayder , got wade on the beats,
Like AC Slater, if you good like Wally,
Or bad like the Beev, only Santa know the score
Come Christmas eve

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