Get Your Handz Off cover
Get Your Handz Off cover

Get Your Handz Off Lyrics Meanings
by Swizz Beatz, Jin


Get Your Handz Off Lyrics

The Rest Is History
Neo keep 'em rockin baby
Double are what!
I got this part right here

From the start to the finish Imma bark on contenders
Wanna tarnish my image I can't promise forgiveness
See I was never like this my moms would never like this
And y'all was never like us that's why y'all never liked us
See I might take ya style flip it back make it crack
Sell a couple mil get some stacks here you go now take it back
I'm spittin lines of fire I'm in the line of fire
Designer attire makin me a sign of desire
I just rhyme to inspire ya favorite line supplier
I run through fan signs and landmines the size of tires
How many minds inquire I got mines and acquired
Enough props to make y'all resign and retire

Now hold on
And just stomp stomp
Get ya hands off me

this is hot as gets ya shits not as intense
My flow got 'em convinced they ain't got at him since
My backs against the wall
So if I turn and flee and run from what's in front of me
That won't make no sense at all
This for my dons and divas haters and non believers
They just tryin to deceive us like Judas dishonored Jesus
Why you tryin to critique this
Don't take kindness for weakness leave you behind the speakers
Body minus some pieces
You got records to sell I got records to break
You will never excel against me measure the rate
I got too much at stake I just follow my fate
Annhialate and dominate and I ain't even
Tryin to wait

Now hold on
And just stomp stomp
Get ya hands off me

While you hang out I bang out make moves
Like shots rang out
Wanna know what my slang bout they be like
Shut yo damn mouth
Ya chances are slim makin advances on Jin
While you shootin the breeze I'm dancin with the wind
This is not ya ordinary my style sorta varies
Slaughter you than ya crew cause you know
The more the merry
You already know the outcome so how come
You doubt son I'm goin out by any means necessary Malcolm
Hiphop without Jin is like shootouts with guns
Churches without nuns bankers without funds
Smokin without lungs cities without slums
My fans force me
Get ya fuckin hands off me

Now hold on
And just stomp stomp
Get ya hands off me

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Get Your Handz Off Meanings

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