Gettin' Funky
Gettin' Funky

Gettin' Funky Lyrics Meanings
by SWV, Snoop Dogg

Aug 12, 1997
Gettin' Funky Music Video

Gettin' Funky Lyrics

[Snoop Dogg]
What you're gonna play now? loco, oh no
But whatsoever it is, it's gosta be funky

(Funky, funky, funky, funky, funky, funky, funky, funky,)

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
Goes a little something like that, you understand me

Check this out
I get to it so flipping fast
I'm about to mash in the cash, moving so fast
I jump in the slow lane, low lane, no man
Snoopy and the double G's on the microphone and I'm about to blow man
I'm a take you from the top, right back down to the middle
Get you're kid a ?
'Cause yes indeed I'm a ?
Little game to y'all
Don't stall or crawl
This SWV came back with that boot, DOGGY DOG


Way too major baby
We way to funky with this I mean it's way to major baby, it's goin' down
1997 - all dogs go to heaven
Can you dig it
I can dig it?
Check, uh
Feel this feel that, everybody wanna be felt
Listen to me 'cause I get ya hot until ya melt
Jump on the scene get ya funky and wet
'Cause I know ya wanna roll with this true vet (funky)
I'm a player and they sayer, player like me, ain't never been a faker
Yet I met a Laker
Life is like basketball
You just dribble and ya scriblin', writin' on the walls
I'm gettin' to it so quick and fast no need
For y'all to take your mind and your body off me
'Cause I'm about to get ya, spit ya, split ya, did ya, bite ya,
Na I don't bite, I bet ya know all richer
I get ya all in the mood
Yeah its on us
We can roll just like the greyhound bus
We can stop in yo town, go back downtown
Now recognize 'cause the game gonna be spinning around


Funky funky
Ha ha
Eastside, Westside Southside, Northside Yo side, My side

(Funky funky, we're getting funky, funky funky, we're getting funky)(repeat)

Just ride to this
Ya hear me, ride to this

(Funky, funky, we're getting funky, funky funky, we're getting funky)

Did ya hear me? ride to this
Did ya hear me? ride to this
Yeah, I said ride to this
Can you feel me
Gonna do a little somethin' like this
Never fall off never slip always catch your grip
No need for you to try to set trip, just sit back and dip
Roll with this player 'cause I'm goin' get ya funky
Won't be breaking down, we get the monkey
Yeah but you can make it jump up, thump up bump the beat
Lay back, relax listen to the D O double U in trouble, S double U V
Back with the player from the LBC

(Funky funky, we're getting funky, funky funky, we're getting funky)
Getting so funky
Real fun ya know
Sorta like this beat

(Funky funky, we're getting funky, funky funky, we're getting funky)

Who hooked this beat up?
Who hooked this beat up?
My folks at RCA
Kid and my homeboys catch ya, ya know
Can't forget about my homeboy Anne
Ha ha, yeah
Way to funky
Can you feel me
I can dig it catdaddy
Some of that music you can ride to, yeah
Some of that highway music yeah, ya understand what
I'm saying yeah, yeah catdaddy
SWV DPGC sideways to the next life
1997, all dogs to heaven

(Funky funky, we're getting funky, funky funky we're getting funky)

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