Outro Lyrics Meanings
by T-Shelt


Outro Lyrics

I guess it's time for the outro now
I wanna thank everyone for coming out tonight to experience this wit me
I hope ya had fun
Here we go

I gotcha all in check so ya better come correct
I'm what they select every time I'm the subject
I'll keep it direct like the deposit I collect
My CD stays in the deck man this shit's perfect
If ya get the opportunity than go try this
Cuz the experience is gonna be priceless
And if ya make it I just hope ya got the guidance
Cuz nobody wants be in a plane wit no pilots
Too many people are quick to scrutinize
So mother fucking quick to go euthanize
Maybe these idiots should open they stupid eyes
Cuz they ain't some day ones nor some do or dies
I calculate these bars like mathematics
While ya stay chilling in the back of attics
Where most people will trap their habits
Walking a tight rope like some acrobatics
Why go to bat for people that won't bend backwards
After ya help em but that never matters
Cuz they can't handle going against their factors
Even if it's for a so called friend, rat bastards
I will never apologize for anything that I say
Cuz I did everything that I've done my way
I don't follow trends to be cool so try me
And I might walk up to ya girlfriend like hi bae
When I enter the room ya gonna tremble
If me and homies come thru it's avengers assemble
Meaning we more important than presidential
And making ya more or less incidental
One way or another I'm above the lames
Ya playoff stats equal to my preseason games
If poor people paying for private planes
I had to go ahead and put this beat to flames
Like that Jay-Z song, everyday a star is born
I can have a rebirth and won't change my form
The apex predator attacking the children of the corn
So be careful round here before ya getting torn
Every song I've done could be my magnum opus
I can multitask so I won't ever lose focus
What ya call a work ethic is what I call bogus
That's why I'm putting rappers on notice
It's the same as an in store bitch swearing
The way she be yelling makes her think she be caring
But in reality it's just got people staring
Wit they phones outs that are overbearing
Then try to twist the narrative to fit ya plan
Failing phenomenally so ya flee like ya blown by a fan
Then get recognized round for acting stupid and
Nobody cares to help ya anymore awe damn
I can't wait for the day for 4Life to be buzzing
We gonna be getting bread like it out the oven
Going ruthless on beats when times are tough and
I'm unloading on the dirty 12 wit a dozen
Like a conniving con artist moving swifty
The proof is I'm so bizarre and too shady
When I get bizzy they say I'm lazy but they miss me
No matter what ya wish in the flesh I'm crazy
And I gotta bone to pick wit the pussies
I will harm any fake ass douche in hoodies
I ain't a thug like they claim stupid rookies
So I bring more to the plate cuz they bring cookies
Searching for where the King's throne is
But most aren't in that same zone shit
I mean ain't we all just a grown kid
Let me end this album cuz I'm getting homesick

Thank you all for coming, I hope you enjoyed the show

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