Television Friction cover

by Television

Jun 24, 1994

Friction Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I knew it musta been some big set-up
All the action just would not let up
It's just a little bit back from the main road
Where the silence spreads and the men dig holes
I start to spin the tale
You complain of my diction
Verse 2
You give me friction (friction)
You give me friction (friction)
You give me friction (friction)
Verse 3
My eyes are like telescopes
I see it all backwards, but who wants hope?
If I ever catch that ventriloquist
I'll squeeze his head right into my fist
Something come a-trackin in
What is it, what's the prediction?
Verse 4
I'll betcha it's friction (friction)
I'll betcha it's friction (friction)
I'll betcha it's friction (friction)
Hide the snake, get out the skin
Verse 5
Oh, stop this head motion, set the sails
You know all us boys gonna wind up in jail
Well, I don't wanna grow up
There's too much contradiction
Verse 6
And too much friction (friction)
But I dig friction (friction)
We're both crazy 'bout friction (friction)
Verse 7

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