Dear Lord
Dear Lord

Tessa Tooreal - Dear Lord Lyrics

Mar 5, 2022
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Dear Lord Lyrics

Waking up I should thank ya
But I swear I keep going bout my day
Bruh, only talk to you, wait
Guess the voice inside my head is
Talking to you, hey
Cussing you constantly
Know some can relate
Or not
For your sake
Hope that's not the case
Why not?
Cause that's pure hate
Gone leave a bad taste in some Mouths, tell them motherfuckers
Pipe down just speaking how I
Feel now
Never been a a coward
Moving onward with these vultures
That you sat here
Try to avoid them
They end up on the path
Looking down on me
Bet all you can do is laugh
I'm a cruel joke to my creator
Mug can catch a fade or when I get
Up there I'm just talking shit
I ain't going nowhere near
You can great me in hell
With the devil and the bottom Feeders, take care of granny though
She up there with you
94 years only sinned a time or two
That I can recall
And I don't know it all know a lot
Got 99 problems I solved (BOOM)

Dear Lord
I don't usually do this
Need you to maneuver through this
Today I'm a do it but
I stay under the influence
I stay under the influence
I stay under the influence
Who the fuck I'm gone influence
When I
Stay under the influence
Stay under the influence
Who the fuck I'm gone influence

Wake and bake
I ain't even ate
A beer and a cigarette to start my day
When they ask me how it's going
I be like okay
Cause I don't want y'all pity
I stay alone in the darkness from the
Comfort of my own home
Then again I don't have one
In your dwellings dwelling high as
The ceiling
So used and abused I have no feeling
Numb to the pain I be concealing
Outta sight, outta mind tired of Dealing, with everything that's
Building up inside of me
Ain't no way in hell I'm gone be Happy
The world's a stage us merely players
You in a comedy, me a tragedy (AW)
Let's go

Writer(s): Tesia Williams
Copyright(s): Lyrics © O/B/O DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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