Far Away
Far Away

Far Away Lyrics Meanings
by Tessa Tooreal

Mar 5, 2022
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Far Away Lyrics

But I still gotta get it
I still gotta get it
Even if y'all ain't with it
I'm still gone get it

Nigga let me hit it
Yea pass the Philly
One time for the one time
Let me talk for a min
With a little Tessa talk
Don't pay me mind
What's that in your white sock?
Oh it's grind time
Ronald Reagan smiling down from
White heaven like y'all niggers are
Some coons forget it
That's why my mind so vivid
Gotta keep it crisp
Fuck the bullshit I ain't allowing it in
Allowing it into my mental
Not gonna let you
Rewrite my history
Already know what's destined for me
Already know what's invested in me
We were once God's and goddesses
Pharaoh's indulged in wealth ten Times today's had millions that Would praise for many days to come
Then these bums had to come and Take everything our ancestors made
Still we will prevail
Since history repeats itself
Ain't got no time to waste
So from this present date and now On will you take this vow homes?
And say that you'll keep the faith
That one day that the whole entire
Human race will be greater than Previously, nigga it's just us
On this pale dot dust
In the cosmos nothing else living
Did I blow your mind?
Is it still gone so?

But I still gotta get it
I still gotta get it
Even if y'all ain't with it
I'm still gone get it

They never get the message
Guess it's so intergalactic
Guess it's so complex that niggas Can't relate so they can't focus
Guess it's like magic hocus pocus
Pop quiz and you ain't know shit
SAT on Saturday, you hungover
From Friday bitch
Y'all still gone get it
Yes indeedy feed the needy y'all
Gone get it
Y'all can't see me in the Bentley
Yea the doors tinted
We are not the same
Mine is bought yours is rented
I ain't tryna be materialistic
Still I'm a boss bitch
From time to time I floss it
Check the cost, cost
Still shop at BJ's or the Costco
Baggy sweatpants and my house
Slippers, not trying to impress
See what I invest
Check the bank account statements
Yea the checking and the Motherfucking savings
Bet they both above to what you Seeing, no guess I'm bless
I knows me this
Tryna live like this
I'm so far from it
Still riding on the bus
Yea that MARTA shit
Next to a bum letting my pen drip
I'm so

But I still gotta get it
I still gotta get it
Even if y'all ain't with it
I'm still gone get it

Too real

Writer(s): Tesia Williams
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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