The Andrews Sisters, Billy May Hooray for Love cover

Hooray for Love
by The Andrews Sisters & Billy May

Hooray for Love Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
It's the wonder of the world,
It's a rocket to the moon;
It gets you high, it gets you low,
But once you get that glow!
Verse 2
Here's to my best romance,
Here's to my worst romance,
Here's to my first romance,
Ages ago!
Verse 3
Here's to the boys I've kissed,
And to complete the list,
Here's to the boys who said,
Verse 4
Love, love, hooray for love!
Who was ever too proud, say, for love?
Make this a night for love,
If we have to fight, let's fight for love!
Verse 5
Some sigh and cry for love,
Ah, but in Paree they die for love!
Some waste away for love;
Just the same, hooray for love!
Verse 6
It's a rocket to yhe moon,
With a touch of "Clare De Lune"!
It gets you high, it gets you low,
But once you get that glow, oh!
Verse 7
Some trust to fate for love,
Others have to take off weight for love!
Some go berserk for love,
Lovers even go to work for love!
Verse 8
Sad songs are sobbed for love,
People have their noses bobbed for love!
some say we pay for love,
Just the same, hooray for love!

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