The Birthday Massacre Nevermind cover

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Oct 25, 2004

Nevermind Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Five glasses changed my mind
Seems like the ticking hands are taking their time
I guess I've been at home for longer than it takes
To unwind so slap me if I step out of line
Verse 2
Now in smaller spaces, careless lust intoxicated
Away from prying eyes
And rabid smiles
And everything's shattering
My invitation was involuntary dilation
And now I can't recall your name
Verse 3
I think we've met before
It was last Christmas on our parents' accord
You were the young man in the costume
That was hard to ignore
And I was feeling hopelessly bored
Verse 4
Now your conversation's
Scholarships and occupations
You look so different than before
When... nevermind
Verse 5
Anyway, this reckless violation
Tarnishing my reputation
Has left me nothing kind to say

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