The Bully, Trife, Sheek Youngstown Heist cover

Youngstown Heist
by The Bully, Trife & Sheek
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Verse 1
For the city, to get this money, Vegas, yo, yeah
Verse 2
Here's the rundown, Mustafa's getting money out in Youngstown
Get some goons together, a driver and bring them guns down
Heard he had his hands in some bricks, plus a few pounds
Hang with some wild Haitians, settle shop in the dude lounge
Niggas is migrating, he came from Cue Gardens
With a live situation, got it in preparation
When you get there, pick up the whip with the navigation
And follow all the clowns til you get to your destination
(We here Tone, got our masks on, we bout to run up in
I know you ain't talking bout the house, with the broken henge
65 Alpine Drive, it's looking shady
So I hopped out, pulled the glock out, plus the 3-18
Hit the living room, I've seen a ripped up sofa, a shattered coffee table
Broken lamps, and a flipped up stroller
The place was ransacked from front to back)
Yo, Trife, what you talking, black?
(Yo, Starks, cut the bullshit and tell me, where the office at)
Take a left and head, down the hallway steps
Pass the painting on the wall, the third door on the left
The safe is on the wall above the fireplace near the decks
Look inside the top drawer, and get the key out the chest
Verse 3
Damn son, aiyo what's taking this nigga Trife so long (I don't know)
Oh shit, yo Bull, get down, get down, get down
Look at Stark pulling up, son (aw man)
I'm a try to kill this nigga
Verse 4
Aiyo, hurry up I see a car pulling up, windows tinted
Can't really tell who's in it, but, I know it's a rented
Down south plates, Atlanta or, one of them states (yo the cameras on)
Man, I wanna see what's up in those crates
Should I pop off, take his top off, before he get to you
Bully like (Yo, chill, chill, this is what we gon' do) aight
(Go ask for directions, right, I'm a go around the back
Wait for them to come inside, I'll hit these niggas with the mack)
OK, before it even get to that, let me see where Trife is at
Hopefully he on his way, and no one gotta die today (bang bang)
Two shots go off (Homey trapped inside, quick put the mask on, Sheek)
Fuck it, Bully, let's ride
Shooting out the sunroof, missing and shit
I was too high, still think my Dutchie was lit
Trife running out the building, busting, cussing
Blood everywhere, you had to see this shit (disgusting)

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