The Fourth Phase
The Fourth Phase

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The Fourth Phase Lyrics

Stop trying
To be me
You will never even get past phase three
"Outlaws" way back in the day
That was back when it was good to get a single play
Now I'm hoppin' playlists and I'm not fazed
Guess my emptiness is just part of the fourth phase
Yuh, tall guy, reppin low J's
Drippin so much call me streptokinase
And I'm freaking out because I'm making it
Not failing it, like I always did before I got a hang of it
And I hope I won't fall to the things that bring us down
like opioids or pretty women wearing night gowns
Don't turn the lights down, or the nights bound
To turn me into matches that ignite now
Fight now
I can be a better man
If I don't let em in

Get out my head
Or leave me dead
I'm not one man
But two instead
I told you once
I'll say it again
I'm not one man (yeah)
But two instead

Get out of my head, or leave me dead
That's what I said, every morning when I woke up off the bed
Droppin @s like I'm X or Trippie Redd
Threw a Party last night, guess I'll call this bed head
You can take what you want you see
But don't try and quote me
When I'm busy giving you a speech after getting a Grammy
What's wrong, not handy?
Look to the side, your homies and your Auntie
They think that you're such a good guy
But I see right through it like a hole in apple pie
Speaking of that, Travis is the goat
Maybe if I keep shining I'll be in something he wrote
Like a pool float, my ego is inflated
But I'm too busy rising used to being underrated
Excuse me, I don't have much more time
Just another minute and I'll be gone in one rhyme

Get out my head
Or leave me dead
I'm not one man
But two instead
I told you once
I'll say it again
I'm not one man
But two instead

The world crashed over me
and all I have left
is to fall right back down now

Listen my friend
Don't let yourself fall into the deep end
It is not worth all the money to spend
Because souls are real they sure ain't pretend
Doing that will lead to your fateful end
Doing that will cause your short time to bend
You'll lose your shield and you cannot defend
You'll be in pain that you can't comprehend
Can't grab a hand
Can't get up stand
Listen to me
Happiness is something I know you seek
Earth will be inherited by the meek
Don't even try that just wait one more week
Don't give up now just give me time to speak
Life isn't over you'll find time to peak
You are a homie you are not a freak
Don't be so boring I know you're unique

Writer(s): Daniel Ferber
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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