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Who'd be woman
In this God-forsaken town
Oh, how I wish I could go
Giving to people
I know would bring me down
And if I ache, I dare not show
Show my soul
It's stretched at and torn
My soul
Is bleeding and worn
My soul
Must be reborn

Yeah we back and we never leaving again
This once was mine
Don't act like I can't remember
I have always been a member of my mind even the temper
And I threw a tantrum yesterday
All because my song won't play
But I sit there in dismay
Knowing that I can't win today
But that's a battle in the war
Took five L's before I swore
That I'd be a different man
Not the one who couldn't plan
Ways to counter the old Dan
Ways to forget who I am
But now here I stand proud, knowing who's my real crowd (My real crowd)
Not the ones who act loud
After hearing my songs from a critic who thinks they're endowed
With quality and history and my story of how I breathe
And how I see the world 'round me
Oh this you see is how I flee
From my demons and enemies
I write a world with destinies
I will not fall to tendencies
Like remedies that make me freeze
Melodies? Homie, please
You can't find another way to make a masterpiece?

You know
You can always try and get rid of the bad thoughts in your head
But this isn't a battle, no
I am every ounce of you that you are of me
You can't get rid of me that easily

Did I hear something?

That's right I did it
Battle rage in the distance
And I don't need assistance
Strength in an instant
Pack-a-punch a fist and throw some consistent
Shots at the thoughts that try and grow resistance (They try and grow resistance)
Lost in pain
Hate to feel this way
Hate to feel dismay
Put my pain on display, look
So many problems that I can't keep up
So many people talking I can't speak up, look
I've been denied
Killed by pride
The pain I hide
Deep inside
Keeps growing and roaming, look
My mind says its twelve times its age
Say something different and I'll hit you with the twelve-gauge, look
Let me tell you how it feels
To be stepped on like a peel
Like a gash that'll never heal
Nightmare but it sure is real
Hearts aren't all that they steal
They find moments and then deal
I can't just sit here and kneel
Grease goes to the squeaky wheel
Life is like a long war
Feel like I've been torn up to the core
Don't know what I'm here for
Took a couple years to get near shore
Feel like I can't think
Swirl the ice around and take another drink
Destruction I'm on the brink
Can't help but feel like I'm bound to sink

You know in the end
Even if you do keep sinking
Don't stop fighting
This war is too precious
And you're too important to go down

Oh you know that's not true
Just let it happen

And don't listen to him
You know what you truly want

Writer(s): Daniel Ferber
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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