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Alvin for President
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Jan 30, 2015

Alvin for President Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
And further more, my dear friends, what this country needs is a great
Leader! Me! I promise you two bicycles in every garage, four Christmases
Every year and
Verse 2
Hey Simon, Theodore, what's he doing?
Verse 3
He's running for President.
Verse 4
Yeah, President.
Verse 5
Really? Well isn't that president?
Verse 6
Did you call me?
Verse 7
Alvin, you can't be President.
Verse 8
Verse 9
Well, because you're too young, and-
Verse 10
In addition, when I'm president...
Verse 11
Alvin be quiet and sing our new song. Now here are the words.
"It's nice,"
Verse 12
It's nice,
Verse 13
"It's good,"
Verse 14
It's good.
Verse 15
"When you live like you should,"
Verse 16
When you live like you should,
Verse 17
"In peaceful harmony"
Verse 18
In peaceful harmony,
Verse 19
"Take our,"
Verse 20
Take our,
Verse 21
Verse 22
Verse 23
"The way we live is nice,"
Verse 24
The way we live is nice,
Verse 25
"In peaceful harmony"
Verse 26
I hope you vote for me!
Verse 27
Now quit that, quit it.
"We're so,"
Verse 28
We're so,
Verse 29
Verse 30
Verse 31
"We hardly ever fight,"
Verse 32
We hardly ever fight,
Verse 33
"We live in harmony,"
Verse 34
We live in harmony,
Verse 35
That's better.
"Don't care if we live in a tent,"
Verse 36
Don't care if we live in a tent,
Verse 37
"Just as long as we pay the rent,"
Verse 38
Just as long as-
Verse 39
I'm your president!
Verse 40
"It's nice,"
Verse 41
It's nice,
Verse 42
"It's good,"
Verse 43
It's good,
Verse 44
"When you live like you should,"
Verse 45
When you live like you should,
Verse 46
"In peaceful harmony,"
Verse 47
In Washington, D.C!
Verse 48
Stop changing the words!
Verse 49
And with me in the White House-
Verse 50
Verse 51
And, another thing, dear friends. Why shouldn't we have a penny ice cream
Verse 52
Uh, I don't know!
Verse 53
Theodore, you can be my campaign manager.
Verse 54
Oh boy, your honor!
Verse 55
And Simon, I believe I'll make you vice-president!
Verse 56
Why not!
Verse 57
Mr. President, will you and your cabinet kindly sing?
Verse 58
We don't care if we live in a tent,
Just as long as Alvin's President!
Verse 59
That's me!
Verse 60
He's nice,
He's good,
Send Alvin,
Yes you should,
To Washington D.C!
Verse 61
And in conclusion, dear friends,
Verse 62
Alvin, will you
Verse 63
I am certain you will elect me the next President of the United States of
Verse 64
We want Alvin!
We want Alvin!
We want Alvin!
We want Alvin!

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