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Quicksand [DVD]
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Quicksand [DVD] Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
You're like
Quicksand, quicksand
Pulling me closer, closer
In your arms
Can't resist your loving charms
You're like quicksand sinking me deeper
In love with you
Verse 2
The more I fight it
The deeper in love I get
Each time you hold me
I feel nothing but happiness
It's not safe loving you this way
But from your arms I can't stay
Verse 3
You're like
Quicksand, quicksand, yeah
Pulling me closer, closer
Making me love you
Need you
(Deeper) Sinking me deeper, deeper
In love with you.
Verse 4
(Deeper. Deeper. Deeper!
In love with you.)
Verse 5
My heart is a prisoner
Of your warm embrace
I can't help, can't help myself
Nothing can take your place
When you say sweet things to me
I start trembling from head to feet
Verse 6
You're like
Quicksand, quicksand, yeah
Pulling me closer, closer
A- just can't resist you
A-just want to kiss you
Verse 7
You're like quicksand, yeah!
Verse 8
Quicksand, quicksand, yeah
Sinking me deeper
Sinking me deeper
I just can't resist you
I just want to kiss you

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