The Dream Lovers When We Get Married cover

When We Get Married
by The Dream Lovers
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Song Meaning
Verse 1
Darlin' oh-oh-oh
Verse 2
When we get married we'll have a big celebration
Send invitations to all our friends and relations
We'll have a ball, dancing and all
When we get married.
Verse 3
When the bells ring and tell the world I'm taking your hand
Folks from all over will come to see the wedding we've planned
We'll have a ball, dancing and all
When we get married (when we get married).
Verse 4
(We'll have a time) we'll have a time
(We'll dance and dine) and darling, we'll be oh so gay--mm
(We'll have a ball) we'll have a ball
(Dancing and all) and darling we'll be as one.
Verse 5
Just wait and see--our wedding day is not very far
Old folks will whisper and say how lovely we both are
We'll have a ball, dancing and all-l-l
When we get married (oh) mm-mm-mm (oh, oh, oh, oh)

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