The Fratellis Lupe Brown cover

Lupe Brown
by The Fratellis

Jun 10, 2008

Lupe Brown Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
[Chorus: ]
Well just slow down, come on Lupe Brown
Tell Desdemona that I'm ready to leave
Well she's nothing much to look at and she's hard to believe
Don't go down, throw you're arms around
Every little psycho that you happen to see
Well you meant everything to them but you meant nothing to me
Verse 2
Well you're girlfriend made me itch
And though I'll keep you in mind I would be happy to switch
I don't know where you got that voice
But I would sell it to London, if you gave me the choice
Check those old clothes and those red bows
Though you're a scrawny pup, I would be happy just to cheer you up, oh yes, oh
Verse 3
[Chorus: ]
Verse 4
You got nothing I wish to steal
'Cause I got nothing to give you on account of Lucille
She don't walk like a cripple should
Well she's Colombia's finest oh, she's better than good, oh
Wednesday's DJ's came in side ways
Yelling for the mother of the sister of the sister and the brother of Orla, the tease
Verse 5
[Chorus: ]

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