Playboy Lyrics Meanings
by The Godfather
ft. A-Ree


Playboy Lyrics

Yeah okay
U ready for this
Oh no oh no
Oh no oh no
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah

Baby girl I know when u slay
I'm drinking Hennessy no games
Baby don't call me doofus
I'm tryna bring this to focus
What's good so we pull up pull up and lean
Super super wet on my couch u lean
Don't say a word baby I know u agree
I know u feelin' me yeah
I know u feelin' me yeah
Ah ah
And we drinkin'
And we poppin'
And we drinkin'
We poppin' we poppin'
U know u lovin' it

太多的妞就在旁边作秀 Babe 你是我最果断的首选
用力抱紧向目标目标靠近 paper 一个一个被卷 ya ya
肾上腺素开始飙升我的 Bad girl lemme lemme take u home
气氛都 Boom Boom 心在跳动 I don't really wanna other hoe no
Pick up the phone babe lemme know where u at 和你的 mood
Pussy so sweet pussy good 愿意为你摘下 moon

We woke up we got up
We dress up we pull up
Guess what nigga on the charts we moved up
This beat too dope yeah
I ain't sellin' it
No more rim shit
Make the ride too hard
Ten ten ten twenties and them thirties hoes
T-T-T tatted up on her back
24-VIP no guest list
Got that badass chick nigga she right next to me
Yeah she next to me cuz it's me nigga
That chick boujee but she wanna hang with me
Yeah she knows nigga I'm good company
We turnin' up nigga
Add it up
Bag it up
Clap it up
And we go and we go
And we go yeah yeah
I got my slat on my couch
And I be poppin' I be poppin' with my slat
She say she wet all I say is ouch
She bent over oh that shit ain't flat
She get on that D and she ridin' it
She slay she moan she scream
Take it all in
Take it all in
U call me playboy
U call me playboy
I'm the one that gives pleasure and pain
U gotta know baby this shit in my vein
Baby got me runnin like a reject
And she on repeat yeah I can't press eject
Look, baby see the other side of me
When I whine I want u to follow me
Glass glass, we're ghosts in the window
When tomorrow comes, I'll go
Lips on lips, cards on the table
I know u have doubts about me
At the same time u dreamin' 'bout me

You're blurry close, we in a fever dream
(Baby lemme be ur soldier)
U lovin' it, lemme be ur soldier
You're blurry close, we in a fever dream
Lemme be lemme be ur soldier
Oh oh oh oh
Ah ah ah ah

Better trap
Better trap on the track track track
And I chop chop chop
And I trap trap trap
And I flow flow flow
Got the dough dough dough
Got the dough dough dough
Got it low low low
Yeah anh
Baby baby
Baby yeah
She comin' yeah
She comin' yeah
She comin' yeah
Yeah yeah
Yeah she comin' she comin' yeah
Yeah yeah
Word word
Okay yeah
Anh yeah
The Godfather on the beat nigga
Yeah anh
Oh oh

Writer(s): Abderxit Abulimit, Timothee Laroche
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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