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Sweet Georgia Brown
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Sweet Georgia Brown Lyrics

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Verse 1
She just got here yesterday,
Things are hot here now they say,
There's a new gal in town.
Gals are jealous, there's no doubt.
All the guys just rave about
Sweet, Sweet Georgia Brown.
And ever since she came, the common folks all claim, say;
Verse 0
No gal made has got a shade on Sweet Georgia Brown.
Two left feet, but oh, so neat has Sweet Georgia Brown.
They all sigh and wanna die for Sweet Georgia Brown,
I'll tell you just why, you know I don't lie (not much!).
All those tips the porter slips to Sweet Georgia Brown
They buy clothes at fashion shows for one dollar down.
Fellas, won'tcha tip your hats. Oh boy, ain't she the cats?
Who's that mister, tain't her sister, It's Sweet Georgia Brown.
Verse 2
All you gals will get the blues,
all you pals will surely lose.
And, there's but one excuse.
Now I've told you who she was,
and I've told you what she does,
Still, give this gal her dues.
This pretty maiden's prayer is answered anywhere

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